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Alexander Marinov


Ga Marinova


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About Us

Hello there,

The wedding day is a unique experience. We will imagine it together and we will be excited together .....and, of course, there will be surprises 🙂
We will surely capture the wedding day's spirit, details, beauty, humor, madness .... we will catch the wind, we will enjoy the raindrops, the falling snowflakes or the light of the burning sun and we will apply them as a picturesque decor. We are looking for natural emotions. We will be discreet and we will become your experienced friend who will support you and advice you at the wedding day
We will keep the emotions and the joy, not only on the wedding day, but long after that during the hours on the storyboard. We will empathize with you and your loved ones the feelings and the emotions captured by our lenses.We promise you to recreate them beautifully, with passion and dedication! We promise you to make you cry and laugh, while watching the wedding movie.

We promise you, you will replay the film after the final credits.

If you see yourself as demanding, if you are looking for attitude, best quality and peace of mind for your wedding day, if you want to tell your story then you are at right place.

Galex Vision is a film studio in Plovdiv, established in 2008 by Aleksander Marinov, a professional TV cinematographer with Master of Film and Television, and Ga Marinova, a filmmaker with more than 10 years of practice.
The studio is specialized in production and post production of:
     - Weddings
     - Creation of representative, advertising and educational movies
     - Filming of family, corporate and art events
     - TV Reportages

Galex Vision only collaborate with high qualified external specialists.
Galex Vision accepts a limited number of wedding engagements annually.